This is a video game based on Planktopolis Strikes Back. It parodies The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (VG), Lego Star Wars (VG) and Super mARIO galaxy. The game is almost a clone to The SpongeBob Movie game, but

the first levels take place at Planktopolis and new locations.


  • Patrick breaks the fourth wall by saying, "I hope the game supervisors planned this correctly".
  • Reference to Mario by SpongeBob dressing up in the Ice Mario suite on Level 18.
Spoiler warning: This article contains stuff that people will formally know later.
  • Squidward saves the day by pushing a false anntenae on Plankton. (This is blocked out in the game.)


  • Programming Error: On level four, if you run into Mr. Krabs, sPONGEbOB GETS TRAPPED AND "The Best Day Ever is played.

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