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Real Name
Everyone on the wiki except those who hate memes.

"He's writing the very words you're speaking right now"
—AMK, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, SBFW Go!

PolarKey (nicknamed Polar) is a user and administrator on the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki. Polar is the owner of Polar Inc. and their cable network Temmie Central. On March 28th 2017, Polar became promoted to content mod after Patrick's Nose 1 put up a proposal to make he and SpongeBot678 content mod and admin respectively the week before, though was later demoted due to leaving the wiki for about a month in June-July. Polar was promoted again late August 2017 after putting up another proposal himself and it getting 100% support, as opposed to 75%. Polar is best known for being the creator of SpongeBob n' Stuff and the hated, yet loved (whether jokingly or truthuly) SBFW Go!. Sometime in November 2017, he created a request for admin rights, with the community mainly voting neutral, though few have supported, making it likely for him to pass, and it did.


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Spin-Off Appearances

SpongeBob n' Stuff

Polar appears as a character in the spin-off despite not much being known about him.

SpongeBob's Fanon Wiki

Polar appears as a user of SBFW in the spin-off along with many other people on this wiki.


PolarKey appears as a character in SBFW Go!. He is shown to be the prankster of the headquarters and treated like an outcast by most of the other members of the wiki. As in real life, PolarKey used to be a content moderator before the pilot episode aired in the timeline, and was demoted for leaving. PolarKey is shown to be good at building technical stuff, shown by the fact that he created SpongeBot and is the one responsible for the show's frequent 'doorbell gag'.

Adventures in Bikini Gulch

PolarKey makes a brief cameo appearance in the fifth Adventures in Bikini Gulch episode, The Clarinet Crush.

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