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Pony Prison Plankton
Series Channel Chasers
Season 4
Episode 38
Airdate April 16, 2017
Story by Cosmobo
Written by Cosmobo
Title card by Cosmobo
Previous Episode Breaking News!
Next Episode Oh Crap, Alien !!


Plankton Must Escape Prison to Get Revenge on The Ones That Made his Plans Fail.


[January 28, 2015]

[We see Plankton waking up in a pile of rubble, he rubs his head.]

Plankton: Argh....Barnacles....Where am I?

Voice: [Off Screen.] Hands up!

Plankton: What the!?

PoliceMan Pony: This is the Pony Police! We have you surrounded...!

Plankton: [Gets up from rubble, rubs dust off from himself.] Haha! You're joking, right? Ponies have police? What are they gonna do, sing a song about friendship!?

PoliceMan Pony: No, we're gonna use special forces.

Plankton: Hahah--Wait, what? [The Ponies load up their horns, they then proceed to fire them at Plankton.] ARGGH.

[We see Plankton sitting on a bench in a Prison Cell wiping his eye with a cloth.]

Plankton: Pony Poisoned by Pony Police and now I'm in Pony Prison. That's a lot of P's for me take in right now.

[Present Time, in the same place]

Pony Prison Guard [Off Screen.] Hey! One eye, you've got a new cell mate!

Plankton: He better fit my standards and follow by my many rules. Number one...No taking showe--...

Pony Prison Guard: [Off Screen.] Just shut up and deal with him.

[A fish, from what looks to be a Bikini Bottomite enters the cell. The cell door quickly slams shut.]

Plankton: [With his eye closed as he speaks.] As I was saying, I have rules...Rule numb--[The cell mate puts his fin over Plankton's eye.] What are you doing?

Cell Mate: Quieting you.

Plankton: Well, my eye doesn't do the talking for me. My mouth does.

Cell Mate: Could've fooled me, I thought you was talking from your asshole.

Plankton: Well, there's no ne--[Opens his eye.] Wait a moment....[Stands back.] Are you...From Bikini Bottom...?

Cell Mate: Bikini Bottom in the Pacific Ocean?

Plankton: That's the only Bikini Bottom I've ever found to be liveable in.

Cell Mate: [Stands up, fully.] So, how did you get here?

Plankton: From a very crappy old TV, and you?

Cell Mate: A glove I bought. It allows me to rip through universes.

Plankton: The power glove?

Cell Mate: Of course it's not The Power Glove! It rips through universes!

Plankton: I bet your glove didn't have a movie based around it, did it?

Cell Mate: [Grabs Plankton, bashes him against the wall.] Listen closely, I'll say this only once! Me and you can rip through this cell and tear apart every universe, or we could keep on arguing where I may rip you APART. Understood?

Plankton: [Gets dropped back onto the cell floor.] Under--Wait, did you say we could rip out of this universe!?

Cell Mate: Yes, yes I did.

Plankton: Great, I'm so sick of ponies!

Cell Mate: Yes, this dimension is indeed torturous sometimes. All instruments of torture here are pink.

Plankton: Oh god.

Cell Mate: Did I say pink? I meant cupcake FLAVOURED.

Plankton: [Pulls down his skin under his eye.] OH NO.

Cell Mate: Did I say cupcake flavoured? I meant....MADE BY MATTEL.


Cell Mate: They also changed PornHub to Porny Hub.

Plankton: [Gasp.] That's it...Tear a rip through the universe. I want to get outta this place NOW.

[The Cell Mate rips open a portal with a glove, the screen pans into the portal and shows the Channel Chasers logo.]

[To be continued...]

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