Puffy Fluffy is Gary's 2nd nemisis. He first appeared on A Pal for Gary. When SpongeBob steal Puffy Fluffy,SpongeBob give Gary a dangerous pet, Puffy Fluffy, who trick SpongeBob and that Gary is not very nice. Gary hide and hop to SpongeBob's head and similar to Tom & Jerry. SpongeBob goes to sleep, Gary wake Puffy Fluffy but it only skin and look fine to him. Gary goes to kitchen, it the monster, it eel revealing Puffy Fluffy and going to eat Gary and expect SpongeBob because he ignorant of the situtation like her warning. Gary about to get eaten and SpongeBob blame Gary that tries to eat Puffy and his destruction. SpongeBob about to get eaten and he berating Gary and told him ALWAY, and he shut his mouth. Gary going to save SpongeBob and Puffy Fluffy is giving up and blame him for make him run away. It possibly SpongeBob is going to get punished by fan and critics because of his stupidly and ignorant and he not pay anything.

Appearances in the Fan-Series

A Pal For Gary 2

Puffly Fluffy Returns

Movin' to Atlantis


  • The nutomic bomb explosion wiped out all the Puffy Fluffys, rendering the entire species, extinct, though the Atlantean labs is working to clone them and make them un-extinct

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