Red String
Author: Marjorine Madelyn-Elizabeth Plankton
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Narebe
Written: February 11,2011 (Valentine's Day)
Fic Chronology: Red String,Comeuppance of the Heart God,Syllables

'Red String is a fanfiction written and published on Bikini Bottom.


When Nat Peterson decides that he wants more out of his super best friendship with Rebecca Peterson, a lovesick fish, she has no choice but to accept. Now Nat has two years or less to convince Rebecca to love him back. If only things were that simple.


A Very Special Love - OFFICIAL MOVIE w Sarah Geronimo04:08

A Very Special Love - OFFICIAL MOVIE w Sarah Geronimo

Ost Red String

You Changed My Life LYRICS - Sarah Geronimo03:39

You Changed My Life LYRICS - Sarah Geronimo

Red String Soundtrack 1

Sarah Geronimo-Just Me03:41

Sarah Geronimo-Just Me

Red String Soundtrack 2

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