Eat Meat


  • SpongeBob
  • Gary
  • Herk
  • Blobert
  • Dr Drain
  • Mr. Krabs (cameo)
  • The Gobblers
  • Plankton (quick cameo, doesn't talk)


  • House of Horror -Meat Monster Attack Biknin Bottom including Krusty Krab
  • Me for You - Exterior shot of SpongeBob's house
  • Entry Of The Hero A - Dr Drain forces toxic to go on the pineapple
  • The Jitters - "What's happening"
    Spanish Ladies (b) - Herk explains to Blobert why Gary is not eating meat
  • Dramatic Link E - "Don't eat me, monster"
  • Dramatic Link A - Dr Drain's toxic waste throw - part 1
  • Like Strange - Dr Drain's toxic waste throw - part 2
  • Background Blues - Montage of Herk forcing Gary to eat meat.

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