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Regular Sponge is a brand-new television show and spin-off of the highly-acclaimed show, SpongeBob SquarePants. It was created and is directed by William leonard. William Leonard is also one of the animators. It is broadcasted on ???.

Basic Summary: its a spin-off of Regular Show and SpongeBob Sqaurepants.


Season One

Title Card # Title


"New Kids on the Block" August 25, 2011
SpongeBob and Patrick move into a vacant lot right next to the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob hears someone saying that 'those two newbies who just moved in are just kids'. SpongeBob is outraged and humiliated, and he and Patrick try to spend the whole day acting like men. However, not everything goes to plan.

"Mr Krabs' Shelly Moment" August 25, 2011
Mr Krabs is glad that SpongeBob isn't late for work anymore, but then his second arch-nemesis, Shelly Krabs comes to visit. SpongeBob tries to impress Shelly during his stay, but thanks to Patrick, that's not easy.

"Cabin Fever" August 25, 2011
Winter comes to Bikini Bottom, and certainly doesn't treat the locals nicely. After a huge snowstorm packs tons of snow against the door, SpongeBob and Patrick are forced to remain in their house until the storm subsides.

"Art Attack" September 27, 2011
The house looks old, and needs to be redecorated. SpongeBob and Patrick get out the paints, but then start arguing over which paint should be used.

"The Halloweenies" September 27, 2011
Halloween is coming, and SpongeBob finds this to be a great opportunity to scare the owners of the Salty Spitoon into letting him inside. Patrick, however, tries to stop him.

"Senior Squirrel" September 27, 2011
SpongeBob gets Sandy to transform them into real men. They start to love their new 'manly' lifestyle, but Sandy laughs, saying she tricked them into putting men-looking wallpaper over them. They get really angry and find a real woman-into-old-woman machine after rooting around in her Treedome. They use it on her for a laugh. However the joke turns into a serious matter as SpongeBob and Patrick can't transform her back!


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  • William Leonard: Creator, Director, Executive Producer, Head Writer, Storyboard Artist, Effects Animator
  • JCM: Co-Writer


  • It is a parody of Regular Show.