This is an upcoming movie. Paul Tibbit said that it might be theateratical, just like the original film. The movie is to be released March 13, 2013. Patchy is supposed to appear in the film. A video game is rumored to be in the works. A rumor stated that in the video game, you can swap between Plankton and SpongeBob.

Characters Present

Patchy (rumored)


Mrs. Puff



Mr. Krabs



Plankton decides to give up on stealing the secret formula, so he invents a machine to erase his mind about it. However, the machine malfunctions and erases everyone's memory of SpongeBob. SpongeBob and Plankton have to team up to make things right again!


The first one appeared in a commercial break. The trailer was a mash-up of all the best episodes and a sign read "What Would Happen If Everyone Forgot SpongeBob? The second will appear on Cars 2.

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