Sponge rescues Krabs Solo from Plankton the Hutt Then Soda dies Sponge rescues Seia and Krabs Solo from the Ewoks Kills Darth Sponge by Darth Plakton falling to his death with force lightning destroying him. In the end he gives his father a Jedi furneral and celebrates a party.


  • Sadme (from The Sponge's Meanace, Attack of the Starfish, and Revenge of the Sponge) is mentioned in this episode.
  • Last appearence of Sponge Skywalker I Sponge Skywalker II, Seia, Krabs Solo, Plankton the Hutt, Darth Plankton, and Soda (Sponge I was killed by force lifghtning by Darth Plankton falling to his death, Plakton the Hutt was killed by Seia, Soda was ill when he died).
  • Only appearence of Ewoks in a Sponge Wars episode.
  • First apperance of ghost Soda,second of Ghost Sponge Wan,& first appearance of Ghost Sponge Skywalker I.

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