Sponge falls into the Dark Side of the force after being tricked by Darth Plankton. SpongeBob Wan must fight for him. In the end, Sponge Skywalker (AKA Darth Sponge) gets burned in the fire on the volcano. Then SpongeBob Wan goes to hospital. Then Sponge Skywalker II and Seia are born. Sadme dies. Darth Sponge was born. And SpongeBob Wan hid the children. Seia in the palace. And Sponge at Tatoonian.


  • Last appearence of Sadme, Count Patrick Star, and most possibly, Sponge Skywalker. Sadme died when Darth Sponge force choked her, but mentioned in Return of the Sponge. Count Patrick Star was killed by Sponge. and Sponge Skywalker was killed by fire, But returns in Return of the Sponge.
  • Sponge Skywalker II and Seia are babies in this episode (They became adults in the fourth, fifth, and sixth episodes.)
  • Last Appearence of SpongeBob Wan as a Jedi Knight.

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