Plankton stole the Krabby Patty formula!

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SpongeBob annoys Squidward so much that Squidward sends him to jail. Soon, SpongeBob finds a mysterious button which goes back in time. When SB presses it, he turns into SpongeGar and the jail disappears.

He meets Patar and they have a fight over a wooden block. Patar wins of course.

Spongegar explores and finds Sandy's ancestor Stoney and others, but finally, they all get chased by a monster. Squog becomes obsessed with the monster because of its fire but eventually Squog gets eaten. Spongegar throws the fire at the monster and then the monster bites him and gives him a wedgie and Spongegar is sent to the future, where he becomes SpongeTron Z where he sees Squidward frozen and melts Squidward instead of the ice around him. "Give me a wedgie to see if this isn't a dream!" Spongetron says, as he does just that and gets sent to medieval times. Squidley gets zapped by the dragon jellyfish and the medieval SpongeBob says "Oh, forget it!"


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