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Samba: Uma Semana na Vida de Traficantes de Drogas
Crime film, dramedy
6 June 2010
Gonçalo Resende
Gonçalo Resende and César de Brito
Júlia Meirelles, Cruz Negrão and Cecilio Bessa
Major Stars
Aníbal Junqueira, Heremenegildo de Assução, Tadeu Labat, César de Brito and Sofia Chiamulera
Running time
171 minutes
Brazilian Portuguese
US $74.4 million
US film rating
Rated R for pervasive strong language, strong graphic violence, strong drug use and graphic nudity.

Samba: Uma Semana na Vida de Traficantes de Drogas is a 2010 Bikini Bottom crime film directed by Gonçalo Resende, who cowrote the script with César de Brito, who starred in the film. The film is well-known among Bikini Bottomians and Brazilians alike for its bitterly sarcastic narrator, gratuitous amounts of realistic violence, realistic portrayals of drug usage, and other highly graphic scenes. The film is most definitely not for children in any way.

In the United States, it was originally rated NC-17, but after nine edits of the film, most of them voluntary, the rating was lowered to R. In Brazil, Bikini Bottom, Portugal, Spain, the UK, Ireland, Uruguay and Japan, the original version of the film was used; this led to a ban in Ireland that stands to this day. The film was sent directly to DVD in Mexico and Germany.

Shot in a nonlinear order, the film follows drug traffickers Cornélio Pombal and Guilherme Dasmarinas (Aníbal Junqueira and Heremenegildo de Assução in São Paulo as they tell about their deceased friend Tomás Pessoa (Tadeu Labat) trying to pull off a massive bank robbery in Montevideo. It then moves on to how this affected the trafficker world, and how the reverberations were felt as far away as Texas. Meanwhile, as their boss Guálter Zonta (César de Brito) is rather upset at his wife Adriana (Sofia Chiamulera) cheating on him with the now-deceased bank robber, he tries to hunt her down; the duo make it their duty to keep her safe from the wrath of her abusive husband.

The film was a major plot point in the pilot episode of the spinoff Offensive Art, as SpongeBob and Patrick were indecisive about which movie they wanted to go see.