Sandy's Diary is a fan-fiction series and a spin-off of the episode Sandy's Diary.


Every episode name starts with "Sandy Writes..."

Season 1

  • 1. Sandy Writes Her Pilot (Pilot) - Sandy makes her own series.
  • 2. Sandy Writes History - Sandy builds the Eiffel Tower.
  • 3. Sandy Writes a Song - Sandy becomes a singer.
  • 4. Sandy Writes Races - Sandy becomes a NASCAR-driver.
  • 5. Sandy Writes American Presidents - Sandy becomes president of the USA.
  • 6. Sandy Writes Internet - Sandy creates an website.
  • 7. Sandy Writes Men - Sandy turns herself into a man and calls herself Sand.
  • 8. Sandy Writes Rockets - Sandy builds a rocket.
  • 9. Sandy Writes Paper - Sandy let paper burn at 3 degrees.
  • 10.Sandy Writes Doorbell - Sandy buys a doorbell, but it doesn't work.
  • 11-12.Sandy Writes Women (One Hour Season Finale) - Sandy turns herself back to normal.

Season 2

  • 13.Sandy Writes Portugal - Sandy becomes ruler of Portugal.
  • 14.Sandy Writes Kazakhstan - Sandy becomes ruler of Kazakhstan.
  • 15.Sandy writes Gods-Sandy becomes the God of Karate.
  • 16.Sandy Writes Nickelodeon - Sandy becomes leader of Nickelodeon.
  • 17.Sandy writes Vacation-Sandy goes on Vacation, but ends up in trouble with the law.
  • 18. Sandy Writes Food - Sandy makes a new food, which becomes hugely popular!
  • 19. Sandy Writes Single Ladies- Sandy decides to pair with Patrica, and sing "Single Ladies" in order to attract her new crush.

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