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Sandy Cheeks
Sandy cheeks-ride
Gender Female
Gender Scientist/Inventor
Age 42
Color Brown
Nationality American-Marshallese
Hometown Houston, Texas
Born July 11, 1973
Created 1999
Friends and Family
Creator John Lurie
Stepparents Unknown

Other Relatives:

Bossquirrel (father)
Dod Cheeks (uncle) Mother ("Ma") (mother) Scottish Cousin (seen in Stanley S. SquarePants Dark Knight (ancestor) Randy Orton (twin brother) Western Ancestor (seen in a Pest of the West short)

Pet(s) Birdy

Cricket Snakey Wormy (2001-late 2002) several others

Love Interests Tupac Shakur (died)

Kevin Sean

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Tea In The Treedome
Last Appearence No Last Appearance
Voiced by Carolyn Lawrence

Physical Description

Sandra "Sandy" Cheeks (born July 11, 1973 Age 42) is a female squirrel from Texas (Houston) and she is a friend of SpongeBob SquarePants, is into karate, she must wear a helmet and astronaut suit to get oxygen and has a heavy southern accent. She is the tritagonist of the show.


Sandy speaks with a heavy southern accent, as she is from Texas, and uses typical southern slang words and phrases. She is very fond of her homeland and its culture. Sandy has been shown to be very proud of herself and almost vain. Sandy is one of the most intelligent and level-headed characters on the show. However, she is known to act without thinking. Sandy is also very athletic. She and SpongeBob share a favorite pastime of karate, and frequently fight each other for fun. The karate they use appears to be stylized to fit that of "play karate", as they both mainly fight with chops and kicks in a cartoonish manner. She also enjoys extreme sports and thrill-seeking. She is also the babysitter of Gary in the series Gary The Snail, and so far Gary likes to say "She's real boring".

She may have a hidden crush on SpongeBob. This is supported by Sandy's pregnancy in SpongeBob n' Stuff's And a Nappy New Year! However, in Warriors of Bikini Bottom, she dates Tupac and in the events of A Cat Named Kenny, she is acting weird over Benny in Kenny VS Benny.

She and her family moves in with the Fetons when her Treedome was cracked in Squirrentons.

She wears a wetsuit with a helmet, and a flower on top. Whenever in the Treedome, Sandy always wears a purple bikini which always the audience. She is friends with Jervis Tech , and they went to school.

Old SpongeBob Sandy

She made her main appearance in the episode Attack of the Squirrels from SpongeTales where Sandy and the rest most stop the Squirrels from taking over Bikini Bottom. Sandy played Violin as seened in Bikini Bottom Academy and Bikini Bottom High.

She got turned into a baby in Squirrel Sitters.

Although she is shown to be smart most of the time, in, the Gary The Snail, episode she does not understand a very hard math problem that Doctor Freaky can understand.

She was a captain of the Whales Unit in CoD:NT.In another universe,she became a gangster of Bikini Bottom Killaz.

She also wrestles in a company named WWC (formerly WWA).With the WWE style of former world champion Jeff Hardy, who was Sandy's childhood wrestler.


South Houston Elementary (Kindergarten to 3rd Grade) (1992-1995)

Bikini Bottom Elementary (3rd Grade to 5th) (1995-1998)

Bikini Bottom Jr. High (6th, 7th, 8th) (1998-2001)

West Houston Middle (Half of 6th only) (1998 or 1999)

Bikini Bottom High (9th-12th) (2001-2005)

Bikini Bottom University  (College) (2005-2009)

Karate School (ages 8-12) (1995-1999)

Bikini Bottom Science School (Kindergarten to fifth grade) (1992-1998)


Age Year Ordinal Day Date
1 1988 1st  Thursday
2 1989 2nd Friday July 11
3 1990 3rd Saturday July 11
4 1991 4th  Sunday July 11
5 1992 5th Tuesday July 11
6 1993 6th Wednesday July 11
7 1994 7th Thursday July 11
8 1995 8th Friday July 11
9 1996 9th  Sunday July 11
10 1997 10th Monday July 11
11 1998 11th Tuesday July 11
12 1999 12th Wednesday July 11
13 2000 13th Friday July 11
14 2001 14th Saturday July 11
15 2002 15th Sunday July 11
16 2003 16th Monday July 11
17 2004 17th Wednesday July 11
18 2005 18th  Thursday July 11
19 2006 19th Friday July 11
20 2007 20th Saturday July 11
21 2008 21st Monday July 11
22 2009 22nd Tuesday July 11
23 2010 23rd Wednesday July 11
24 2011 24th Thursday July 11
25 2012 25th Saturday July 11
26 2013 26th Sunday July 11
27 2014 27th Monday July 11



  • Plankton
  • Udon
  • Danny (one-sided)
  • Sam (one-sided)


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