Sea Language
Season 11
Production company 76a
Broadcast number July 24, 2012
Written by Aaron Springer
Brad Vandergrift
Storyboard artist(s) Ted Seko
Storyboard directed by Aaron Springer
Creative director(s) Vincent Waller
Animation director(s) Andrew Overtoom
Supervising producer Paul Tibbitt
Sea Language is an upcoming episode from Season 11.


Characters Present

  • SpongeBob
  • Squidward
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Krusty Krab Customers


  • I've Got A Golden Ticket - Sung by SpongeBob.

AMP Music Idenification

  • Dramatic Cue B: Squidward?! What are you doing here?!


SpongeBob talks about Sea Language and thinks he doesn't get into trouble.


  • The title card music is the same as Spy Buddies.

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