Sea Paradise! is a new series that is the sequel to Spongeman537's Welcome to Sea Paradise!



SpongeMan537 (Emperor2 created this show)


  • Emperor2
  • SpongeFan20
  • SpongeMan537?
  • JellyfishJam38
  • Len Vennyson
  • EonDevilxj
  • SuperSaiyanKirby

Title Card Maker:


  • SpongeFan20
  • Emperor(When SpongeFan20 can't connect)


A Note from Emperor 2!

Please don't finish season(That is my Job!)


Season 1:

Nick@Nite & DCXD Comedy ordered the first Season of Sea Paradise,But Emperor2,made the First 3 Episodes air at 10:00AM on DCXD Comedy at September 3rd,2011About 25 episodes were ordered.

#01:Pilot:(By Emperor2) Airdate:3rd September,2011
After 2 years,SpongeBob & Co.are living happily In Bikini Utopia.Now Pearl & Eugene are going to Playschool(Kindergarten's name for Europeans.)

Character(s) Revealed: Sian, Dave & Leah

#02:Watch Fish(By Emperor2) Airdate:3rd September,2011
Patrick gets Injured seriosly & orders the 15+ movie Watch Fish on Paperwatch! Character Revealed: Ms Whale
#03:2nd Wedding Airdate:3rd September,2011
Mr Krabs & Ms.Whale(Pearl Krabs Mother) get married(Again!)
#04: Rock Utopia Airdate: 7th September 2011
Rock Bottom is twinned with Bikini Utopia, causing the monsters to know about the town and live there! Characters Revealed: New Rock Bottom Monsters
#05:Big Blue Airdate:5th September 2011(Because of New Ideas)
The Blue Whale Big Blue Comes & Invades Bikini Utopia! Characters Revealed: Big Blue
#06:Songs Obsessions! Airdate: 10th September 2011
All the Girls become obsessed with Swagger Jagger,While the boys become obsessed with Moves Like Jagger! Character Revealed: Evil Jagger
#07:Seamon Gamer 2 Airdate: 11th September 2011
Seamon Gold & Silver comes & SpongeBob buys it.
#08:SqueakRock Symphony 5 Airdate: 12th September 2011
SqueakRock play there 5th Symphony.
#09:What's A Fall?:(By:EonDevilxj)

Airdate: 23rd/24th September 2011

#10:There B-Day Airdate:24th September 2011
Eugene & Pearl's 2nd Birthday! Character Revealed: President Amabo
#11:Here's Spongey Airdate:29th September 2011
SpongeBob's Cousin Jack comes to beat up Patrick! Character Revealed: Jack SquarePants
#12:The Fish Vet Airdate:30th September 2011
Meg(SpongeBob's Megalodon Shark)is due to the Vets. Character Revealed: Dr.Darnde
#13:Trapped in sea paradise Airdate:1st October 2011
SpongeBob and his freinds want to go back to Bikini Bottom.
#14:The Cool Things Airdate:2nd October 2011
Eugene & SpongeBob have some Father-Son time,while Sandy goes on holiday with Pearl & Sian,& Leah Character Revealed: Osama Fin Laden
#15:Jellyfishing Champion Airdate:4th October 2011
SpongeBob quallifes for the World Championship,while Eugene goes for the toddler Jellyfishing group. Characters Revealed: International Jellyfish Comunnity
#16:Royal Fisher Airdate:5th October 2011
SpongeBob catches a Prince,& Princess Jellyfish. Characters Revealed: Prince Jellyfish, Princess Jellyfish
#17:Jelly Final Airdate:09th October 2011
SpongeBob Catches a King Jellyfish & becomes the greatest Jellyfisher of all time. Character Returns: King Jellyfish
#18:HELP!(Part of 7 episode Halloween Special!) Airdate:31st October 2011
Dark Master Osama Fin Laden captures Bikini Utopia!
#19:The Curse of Meg Airdate:Halloween 2011
Meg is hunted by a pack of Brygmophester

Characters Revealed: Brygmophester


#20:Seamon Generation III Airdate:Halloween 2011
The new games of Seamon are to be realeased, Seamon Ruby & Sapphire Versions
#21:Descent to the Marianas! Airdate:Halloween 2011
The guys accidently fall into the Marianas Trench!
#22:Bering Prison Airdate:Halloween 2011
Plankton goes to the Rough Bering Prison! Character Returns: Sheldon J. Plankton
#23:The Great Stormy Night Airdate:Halloween 2011
Eveyone in Bikini Utopia(including Plankton!) hides in the Krusty Krab during a destructive storm.
#24:Only He can Tell Airdate:Halloween 2011
Osama Fin Laden's accomplice,Atlantic Comannder Lataffi hides in Bikini Utopia! Character Revealed: Commander Lataffi
#25:Le Spatula Returns!(1 Hour Season Finale) Airdate:Halloween 2011
Le Spatula Returns to battle his sworn rival,The Krusty Krab Character Returns: Le Spatula

Season 2:

The Series began to air on Nick@Nite & Nicktoons HD when the First Season 2 episode aired. Twenty episodes have been ordered. The first Nick@Nite episodes are marked with a "*". In This Season, The Sea Paradise Kids, Pearl, Jonathan, Patrick Jr, and Eugene are Growing Up. When the 13-month hiatus ended, Sea Paradise was reavealed to be airing for Pineapple Entertainment.

#26: Real Deal Airdate:1 January 2012
SqeakRock are nominated for a Grammy & must travel to Sea Vegas. Characters Returns:SqueakRock
  1. 27: Sandy Writes a Novel."*"
Airdate: 8 January 2012
Sandy publishes a Novel, Cold Fluke, while SpongeBob gets Seamon FireRed & LeafGreen Character Revealed: Jack Paleos.
28: SqeakRock Reunion Tour "*"
SqueakRock breaks up, & come for a reunion tour in Bikini Utopia
29: Sandy Writes a Novel 2. "*" Airdate: 15 February 2012
Sandy writes a sequel to her novel, while SpongeBob Pre-Orders Seamon Diamond & Pearl
30: Jen's Secret Airdate: 9 March 2013
 Patrick discovers that Jen is making secret movies with Sandy and Martha!
31: The Return Of SqueakRock Airdate: 9 March 2013
Squidward convinces SqueakRock to reform and realease a new album, Back in Blue!
32: Growing Pains Airdate: 9 March 2013
 When Sian, Leah, and Dave join Playschool, and Sian and Jonathan kiss, SpongeBob and Squidward realease their kids are growing up.

Character Returns: Sian, Leah and Dave SquarePants

33: Sandy Directs a Movie! Airdate: 9 March 2013.
Sandy makes a movie, based on her popular novel Cold Fluke, starring Martha, Pearl, and Patrick.
34: Of Narwhals and Whales Airdate: 9 March 2013
Sandy makes a spin off of her movie Cold Fluke, while Mr Krabs is in a car accident.

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