SpongeBob SquarePants and the Search for the Golden Spatula is the second episode/movie of The Sponge's Special Series. SpongeBob again meets Plankton's brother and they finally find the golden spatula. They confront many beasts.


  • Sandy's Malfunctioning King Kong Squirrel
  • Mr. Krabs' Self-Controlling Money Monster
  • Squidward's SpongeBob Swatter
  • Plankton's Robotic Sharks
  • Karen's Holographic Harmers
  • King Neptune's Accidentally-Made Trident Twerps


Spat has been stolen by Plankton along with a Golden Spatula so Doug and SpongeBob must retrieve it and complete the mission Mr. Krabs has sent.


Search for the Golden Spatula (Transcript)


None so far

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