(SpongeBob is sitting on the sofa, bored)

SpongeBob: It's a boring day, isn't it, Gary?

Gary: Meow. (turns on the TV)

SpongeBob: I suppose you can do that, WHILE RUNNING!

(runs around trying to watch the TV)

SpongeBob: I quit. I wonder if Squidward's having fun?

(Cut to Squidward's house, where Squidward is happily painting. SpongeBob randomly pops up, causing Squid to fall down the stairs)

SpongeBob: Sorry, Squid! (tries to paint, with disastrous results)

(Squidward climbs back up the stairs, with a black eye, bruises and bandages and then kicks SpongeBob out)

Cut back to SpongeBob sitting.

SpongeBob: Squidward's having fun, Patrick's- wait, I haven't checked Patrick's!

(SpongeBob runs to Patrick's rock, where Patrick is so bored he has a beard, the TV is broken and there is no space to run)

SpongeBob: Well, at least I'm having more fun than him!


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