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SpongeBob was walking in Conch Street. He was on a job by Mrs. Puff. He climbed up Squidward's house and spied on him. Sandy walked along the street and he hid. Sandy saw SpongeBob and said "Haha, Howdy Spongey. I was thinking we should go together". SpongeBob gasped and nodded quickly and smiled. Sandy and SpongeBob went to Fancy! to go on a date. Sandy wore a lovely purple dress with an air helmet and SpongeBob with his red tie and a brown tuxedo. They got never-wilting flowers. SpongeBob ordered a Spagetti Kelpaze and Sandy ordered Seaweed Rap. They finally had their first kiss. Sandy and SpongeBob walked together to Sandy's treedome. SpongeBob got his water helmet on and he slept in Sandy's tree in the same bed as Sandy. Then a bird went on the tree and SpongeBob said "AHHHHHH MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sandy then described it as a harmless bird. SpongeBob got the Blanket off his face and breathed. Sandy kissed SpongeBob on the cheek and she went to sleep. SpongeBob then slept too. In the morning Patrick was worried and kept knocking on SpongeBob's door "This is strange" Patrick said confusivly. He went inside and the light was off. He went in SpongeBob's room and no-one but Gary was there. Patrick exited and went to The Tree Dome. He found SpongeBob with Sandy eating Kelpo and Sandy eating Cornflakes. Patrick went in the dome with a water helmet and SpongeBob said "Hi Pat. Me and Sandy are in love". Patrick was shocked and got angry. He shouted "I WANT TO BE IN LOVE". Sandy said he will be one day. And then Patrick stormed to his rock. For the couple of days he researched love and finally became Master of Love. He made SpongeBob and Sandy cut deeper in each other's hearts and they finally got so close they snogged and booked a wedding. Sandy and SpongeBob then at the end of episode decided to move back to Atlantis.


  • Patrick wears glasses when he's researching Love
  • Spagetti Kelpaze is a parody of Spagetti Bolinaze (obviously)
  • In a future episode Patrick will fall in love so Sandy might of been breaking the fourth wall
  • SpongeBob's brown tuxedo and red tie are like his normal clothes

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