(It's nighttime)

SpongeBob peeks out of a bush and slides up Squidward's house

SpongeBob: He's putting on an alarm clock, suspicious

(SpongeBob writes notes)

SpongeBob: Now he's Puffing his pillow. What evil plan is Squidward upto

(Squidward snores)

SpongeBob: Oh No! Now he's releasing Fish Killing Toxic Gas into the ocean. Mrs. Puff needs to know

(Sandy walks along)

SpongeBob: Uh oh. The Space Squirrel

(SpongeBob hides in bush)

SpongeBob: What evil plan is she doing with that worm

(Sandy gives worm a bone)

Sandy: Oh hello SpongeBob

(SpongeBob hides behind Squidward's house)

Sandy: SpongeBob, after our friendship I think we should, go together

(SpongeBob nods)

SpongeBob: Of course

Sandy: Lets go to the treedome

(Scene goes to treedome)

Sandy: I never thought I would do this...

SpongeBob: What is it?


Sandy: Lets go to Fancy! tomorrow

SpongeBob: What you wish Sweet-andy Cheeks

(Sandy giggles)

SpongeBob: When we have children can we name then Andy (for Sandy) and Bob (for SpongeBob)

Sandy: Depends

(Scene skips to Fancy!)

SpongeBob: Spagetti Kelpaze please

Sandy: And a Seaweed Rap for me

Waiter: Yyy-esss Sss-irrrr

SpongeBob: Are these never-wilting flowers

Sandy: Rare, where did you know about them

SpongeBob: Oh, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy episode 5215. Mermaid Man uses never-wilting flowers to celebrate Patricia's birthday

Sandy: Is that how you got the name for Patrick's girl day

SpongeBob: Yeah. Patricia. And I picked him as a friend because of the name

Waiter: Hhhereee isss yourrrr fooooodddd

Sandy and SpongeBob: Thank you

(SpongeBob immedietly is done)

Sandy: How did you get the crown, save the town and Mr. Krabs again

SpongeBob: Long Story

(Patrick comes in with a tuxedo on)

Patrick: SpongeBob, are you and Sandy on a date

Sandy: Yes we are Pat

Patrick: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr................(Chucks tables and throws glasses and plates at people)


(Waiter gets hit with chair in the nose)


(Scene explodes to Patrick's rock)

Patrick: Aha, so this is love

(Patrick shoots pink energy at SpongeBob and Sandy)

Sandy: We should Marry

SpongeBob: We should


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