The Unstoppable Adventures have been a great moment!

SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures Season 1 Vol 1
Release Date December 31, 2009
Season 1
Running Time 220 mins
Rating PG: Contains infrequent mild language and violence
Subtitles All Languages

Disc 1  1-10

  • SpongeBob and the gang returns.
  • Party in the pinapple.
  • It's a Marathon!
  • Gary goes hypo!
  • Learn the art of art!
  • Sandy and the Worm.
  • Patrick's Love.
  • One Piece!
  • Set Sail!
  • Snowflakes!

Disc 2   11- 20

  • Richy Krabs
  • Squidward goes Happy!
  • Krusty Krab cook-Off.
  • Rose for the Squirrel.
  • The Nightmare before SpongeBob!
  • My first Date!
  • To the Future!
  • Karate Island 2.
  • Karate Tag-Team.
  • Blue Magic.

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