It is the Bikini Bottom Paradise Season! Hope you enjoy Season 3.

Disc 1  61- 70

  • SpongeBob plays the piano.
  • SpongeBand.
  • The Freeze Ray.
  • Show Down!
  • New Years Eve?
  • House of Screams!
  • Squidwards Paradise.
  • Shoes that Sparkle.
  • The Land Of Chocolate.

Disc 2  71- 80

  • Cleaning Madness
  • Bikini Bottom disappear
  • The Secret House
  • Patrick's Game
  • Sandy Sings.
  • The Searbear Strikes Squidward!
  • The Krabby Krab.
  • Going to the moon.
  • I Win!
  • Music to my ears.

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