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SpongeBobs Pinapple


Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob's House is where SpongeBob SquarePants lives. It is shaped like a pineapple and has one bedroom. There is a gallery. His neighbor is Squidward. He musn't go 1 hour to work. He has many rooms. He has 3 stories. Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.


Former Residents

  • Jellyfish (Episode "Jellyfish Jam")
  • Smelly (Episode "The Thing")
  • The Flying Dutchman (Episode "Ghost Host")
  • Squidward (Episode "Can You Spare a Dime?")

Appearances in Fan Series


File:SpongeBob 103003 02.jpg

BFBB (Battle For The Bikini Bottom)


  • SpongeBob Bedroom
  • Wendy Bedroom
  • Sandy's Room


  • SpongeBob Bathroom
  • Wendy Bathroom

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