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This article is about the game. For the spin-off based on the game, see Taking Over.


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SpongeBob's Robotic Adventure is the first game in the fangame series of the same name released by HafenGames that started development on March 15, 2013. The first public release of the game was on April 21, 2013, as a demo with 4 levels (not including sub-levels). The full game released on May 17, 2013 for Windows. At one point, an Xbox 360 port was in development, but it was quickly canceled.

You can find all versions of the game by clicking here.

Almost 3 years after the game's initial release, Da Nerd released a bugfix update that also ported the game to GameMaker: Studio (while previous versions were made using Game Maker 8) as well as other fixes and the announcement of an Android port that never made it to fruition.

On July 7, 2017, Notdn proposed to remake the game with updated graphics to serve as the potential base on which to build a sequel. The remake was later confirmed for a 2018 release.


Plankton has come up with yet another "foolproof" plan to steal the formula. He has created the Robo-Generator 2000™ which, fitting its name, generates robots. Plankton intends on using the robot army to get rid of SpongeBob, allowing Plankton to get into the kitchen of the Krusty Krab, and into the safe. Meanwhile, SpongeBob is watching his favorite shows on TV while a news report interrupts. Breaking news! Plankton from the Chum Bucket has released an army of robots! SpongeBob assumes Plankton's intent on getting the formula with these robots, and he has to do whatever he can to stop him. And so our journey begins...



Left/right arrow keys - move

Up - jump

A - enter melee attack mode

B - blow bubble

List of enemies/robots (easiest - hardest)

Picture Name Info

First appearance

Reward  Attack style Can be attacked with
Jelly Easiest enemy (more like an obstacle). Swims around in a fixed range.  Jellyfish Fields


Melee None
Bob Easiest robot. Dashes towards SpongeBob at a moderately high speed.  SpongeBob's House (Tutorial) 5 points Melee Melee, Bubbles
Gzlorb Shoots a harmful gooey liquid at SpongeBob. Rock Bottom 20 points Distance Melee, Bubbles
Liam Hardest enemy/robot. Flies around while shooting fireballs at SpongeBob. Goo Lagoon 30 points Distance Bubbles
Spr plankton 0
PlanktonBot Hardest and only boss. Helped by robots. Shoots lazers. Chum Bucket Krabby Patty Formula + 2000 points Distance Bubbles

Gameplay elements

Name Info
Points Each point collected adds one unit to the score.
Signs Reading a sign will tell you information about what's about to come up in the game.
Krabby Patty Collecting one will give you one more unit of health, if one or more has been lost.
Construction Box Using a construction box costs points, but a reward is given (e.g. filling a gap) from doing so.
Magic Bubbles

Collecting a magic bubble will add to your magic bubble counter and proceed to the next level.

Mini Bubbles Mini bubbles are at the end of mini tasks or at secret areas. They give you half of a magic bubble. There are usually 2 mini bubbles and 1 magic bubble in each level.

Battle Arenas

  • Downtown Bikini Bottom - Jelly, Bob
  • Rock Bottom - Jelly, Bob, Liam, Gzlorb


  • Chum Bucket - Plankton (100 health)


System requirements

  • Windows XP or later
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 128 MB graphics


Demo (v0.9) - April 21, 2013 - Download

v1.0 - May 17, 2013 - Download

v1.01 - May 18, 2013 - Download

v1.1 - May 19, 2013 - Download

v1.2 - March 19, 2016 - Download


Before the demo was released, videos were uploaded leaking samples of in-game stuff, such as the soundtrack or a few levels in gameplay. These were made early in development, so things may be different than they are currently.


SpongeBob's Robotic Adventure Soundtrack - SpongeBob's House (Sample)

SpongeBob's Robotic Adventure Soundtrack - SpongeBob's House (Sample)

SpongeBob's House

SpongeBob's Robotic Adventure Soundtrack - Bikini Bottom (Sample)

SpongeBob's Robotic Adventure Soundtrack - Bikini Bottom (Sample)

Bikini Bottom


Gameplay footage

SpongeBob's Robotic Adventure - Gameplay Footage Leak

SpongeBob's Robotic Adventure - Gameplay Footage Leak

First 3 levels (SpongeBob's House, Conch Street, and Jellyfish Fields)


Rating (by age)

Hgrb 10
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RottenKelpRates - TWEEN8

HafenGames Rating Board - 10+ (official rating)

JellyfishJam38 Productions - 7+

Pineapple Entertainment10+

RamDarre Productions7+ (Cartoon Violence)

SethStewart90 Studios - 10+

Skinflint Plankton Productions - E (Everyone)

Fred Rechid Productions - PG

United Rock Entertainment - All 8+ (A 8+)

Theinvisiblehotdog Incorporated - Ages 7 And Up

Sponge Network's Video Game Ratings Category- 7+

SpongeTastic! Games Ratings: Preteens (Ages 10-12) for Cartoon Violence

SuperFanon'D!: 10+ (Cartoon Violence, Language)

PEGI Rating Boards 7

Kingshire Rating System: TWEEN7

User:Ponyo Fan - It's all good unless you're a little tiny baby or something


  • The game uses some of the soundtrack from classic SpongeBob games (e.g. Battle for Bikini Bottom, The Movie Game, etc.) which have been modified slightly. 
  • The game has currently been only released for PC.
  • All graphics are done by HafenGames.
  • Original music and sound effects were composed in FL Studio 10.
  • The game uses the Krabby Patty font.
  • The game uses some sound effects from classic SpongeBob PC games (e.g. Employee of the Month, Operation Krabby Patty, etc.) but the demo only had original sound effects.
  • The game uses the song Wipeout by The Surfaris.


  • Demo v0.9 - April 21, 2013 - SpongeBob's House, Bikini Bottom, Jellyfish Fields, and Downtown Bikini Bottom
  • v1.0 - May 17, 2013 - full game, no bonus levels
  • v1.01 - May 18, 2013 - see README.txt
  • v1.1 - May 19, 2013
  • v1.2 - March 19, 2016 - bug fixes and speedup, see blog post


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