SpongeBob: Attack Of the Squid's is a SpongeBob SquarePants Video Game.


Squid's Are invading Bikini Bottom And SpongeBob must now Why You Have To play And Save The World From The Squids

Level 1 Cutscene

Squidward Was Singing With his Clarinet But Then Later someone Screamed "Squid's will Rule The World Squid's Rule The World? SpongeBob said Patrick Was KidNapped By Giant Squids Help!!!!" SpongeBob Runned To get Patrick Back From the Squids


Dodge jellyfish And Move To Bikini Bottom

Level 3 Cutscene

While The Player(SpongeBob) Explores Bikini Bottom he found 10 Tentacled Squid And Kidnapping Other People "wow I can't Believe Squid's Are Invading" SpongeBob said SpongeBob meets Mr.Krabs "SpongeBob!! Squids Are Invading Bikini Bottom!!" mr.Krabs Said SpongeBob Unties Everyone


Untie Everyone you see Attack The Squids

Level 4 Cutscene

SpongeBob Saved Bikini Bottom Then The Next Day On Squid island "You did not Find The The Red Tie" a giant 20 tentacled Squids said so they go Bikini Bottom And Invade Jellyfish fields


Attack The Squid

Playable Characters      

  • SpongeBob
  • Patrick(Unlock Level 3)

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