Rated PG - Parental Guidance Suggested

This article is rated PG, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for users the age of 7 and under.
Objectionable content includes: Lots of bleeps

This show is behind the scenes drama never-before-seen on SpongeBob!


Squidward: (bleep), I don't wanna hear it! SpongeBob, you're a dork!

SpongeBob: Patrick, you just (bleeping) messed everything up!

'Patrick: You guys are mean!

Mr. Krabs: Shut the (bleep) up, Squidward! There are no raises in my (bleeping) book? DO YOU SEE A (BLEEPING) RAISE IN MY BOOK? HUH YA (BLEEP)?

Patrick:: YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK OF YOU GUYS?!?! I THINK YOU ALL ARE (bleeping) (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) (bleep)! There, I said it!

SpongeBob: (Bleep) off, Patrick!

Squidward: (snores)

SpongeBob: Wake up you (bleep) (bleep)!

Squidward: (Squidward wakes up.) (Bleep) you!

Patrick: (bleep)

SpongeBob: (bleep) Stop (bleep) swearing, you (bleep)

Patrick: You're (bleep) swearing too!

(Extract from the episode "Totally (bleep)ed")

See more of the uncut drama by tuning in!


This show is rated TV-PG-TV-14 on Nick@Nite.

There is lots of bleeped swearing.

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