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Fan-made SpongeBob episodes
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POOP 2! is an episode written by Cosmobo in which SpongeBob accidentally forgets to wipe his bum, causing trouble to occur at boating school. It serves as a sequel to Kadams4452's "POOP!". (Read more)


Spongeorama is a spin-off created by Calaz. It centers around two young sea creatures that get teleported in the year 3015 in New Bikini Bottom. It is a bustling, advanced, and overpopulated city of 56 billion people. (Read more)

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Kelpy Sweg
The Grammatical Adventures of Calaz!

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Underwater Shorts

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Fan Blogs

  • SatanicTriton666

    I want to make the most recent episode of 'Tales of Dawn' centered on my character vomiting a whole lot.Keep in mind,I wrote 'Khepu Rising' at 1:00 in the fucking morning after taking painkillers for a horrible migraine that actually had me sobbing in pain.

    Read more >
  • SpongeBot678

    Ranked 10

    October 22, 2016 by SpongeBot678

    You see. Adding 18 categories to a page can help you!

    Read more >
  • SpongeBot678

    Who is this guy.

    October 22, 2016 by SpongeBot678

    A random user (who had made no edit before this incident) posted a message on my wall with the title "hi linux" the message said "how's it going" can someone plesse tell me who this Linux guy is?

    Read more >
  • Plutoinapineapple

    Pluto's Episode

    October 21, 2016 by Plutoinapineapple

    Really Guys

    Do you think Pluto gets a wife and a child in the next episode

    Yes or no

    In Comments

    Also in the comments tell me if you want a show on my channel Fox Kids

    Read more >

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