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Fan-made SpongeBob episodes
Fan-made characters
Locations such as eateries, stores and more made by fans
Fan-made series based off of SpongeBob with an original storyline
Fan-made DVDs
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The Team That Never Sleeps

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9.39.22 PM

The Team That Never Sleeps is the twenty-seventh episode of Basket Sponge. In this episode, Lebron James gets a message from Adam Smith telling him to head over to New York. (Read more)
The Ghastly Show


The Ghastly Show is a television spin-off of SBCA's original animated series, SpongeToons. It is produced by Blue Box TV.
(Read more)

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A Glimpse of the Future
Finding a Job

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Time Travellers
Reckless and Retired

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What's New on SpongeBob Fanon Wiki

  • Site News: The first administration promotion in a year was given to The Terrible Travis
  • Spin-Off News: Writing requests for SpongeBob in Minecraft are officially closed! The only ones who has the right to write episodes are the current writers.
  • Spin-Off News: Kelpy G's new series is going to premiere back to back with Calaz's show, Spongeorama, premiering "You Damn LintQ!"
  • Spin-off News: JackHackers is making a movie. Go to The Road to Water Bowl XLIX.


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Fan Blogs

  • Kelpy G

    Five Plus Ten

    April 29, 2016 by Kelpy G

    When Caleb is mad because I'm older, he makes a "rosting" video.....

    When Caleb is mad because I'm older, he makes a "rosting" video.....

    When Caleb is mad because I'm older, he makes a "rosting" video.....

    But that still doesn't work, because I am still older and now 15

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  • TheInfection5

    Follow me on Skype

    April 29, 2016 by TheInfection5

    Add me on Skype.


    Read more >
  • The Terrible Travis

    Welp, I'm admin now. IN YOUR FACE JON! Um, ahem. Now that I'm offically adminstrator, we're one step closer to making this wiki great again. And if we can get this new proposal of mine to pass, we'll be another step closer. But what is this proposal you ask? It's a simple revision of the current poli…

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  • Alan ~ Tyce

    If you've ever went to the bottom of the main page, you've heard of The SpongeBob Fanon Community Central. Some things to dicuss:

    I've created a new template for the network. It's located on wikia's community central so it can be added to any wiki with

    The design is mainly based upon SpongeBobia.

    A lo…

    Read more >

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