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Chat Policy

Policies marked with a * only apply in public chat. Going around these in private chat, however, must be preceded with permission to do so by the other user(s) in private chat. And of course, policies not marked need to be followed on both public and private chat.

  1. Nothing above PG-13*. No, not your definition of PG-13, not the equivalent of PG-13 in your country, we mean the PG-13 in the Ratings Guidelines.
  2. No power abuse. Kicking/banning a user simply because you disagree with their opinion counts as this, unless the user is trying to be a troll.
    1. Example of an opinion a user should not be banned for: I hate Grojband.
    2. Example of an opinion a user should be banned for, as someone stating this opinion is only trying to troll: Hitler did nothing wrong.
  3. Bullying is wrong. Calling another user a "dumbass," "retard," or "moron," even in a joking matter, counts as this. If something you are saying or talking about is making a user feel uncomfortable, it's best to avoid the topic.
  4. Links to off-site content with NSFW content (above PG-13) MUST be labeled as such. No exceptions.
  5. Keep talk of religion, politics, homophobia, racism, and other "touchy" subjects to a minimum, as it will only lead to people getting offended, which in turn leads to an argument.
  6. Caps are allowed as long as you don't overuse them*.
  7. Users maybe kicked/secbanned off of chat if they are away/silent for more than 40 minutes, unless they are private-chatting.

Channel Operators


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