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Chat Moderator

So you want to have a right on the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki and be a part of the editing crew? Well this here is the SpongeBob Fanon wiki rights application page!

Below is the requirements for a user to be either bureaucrat, adminstrator, discussion moderator, content moderator, rollback, and/or chat moderator!

Suggested Requirements*

*not mandatory


  • Prequisite: Administrator
  • Time active on wiki: 1 year or longer


  • Prequisite: Content Moderator
  • Time active on wiki: 6 months or longer

Content Moderator

  • Prequisite: None (recommended you have rollback first)
  • Time active on wiki: 3 months or longer

Discussion Moderator

  • Prequisite: Chat Moderator
  • Time active on wiki: 3 months or longer


  • Prequisite: None
  • Time active on wiki: 1 month or longer

Chat Moderator

  • Prequisite: None
  • Time active on chat: 3 months or longer

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