SpongeBob Hurries To School is a fan-made SpongeBob episode created by MoMo6.


SpongeBob is running to Boating School as fast as he can. He finally arrives and bursts through the front door. He tells Mrs. Puff he is ready and she sighs. Then the scene cuts to Mrs. Puff and SpongeBob inside the boat. They start driving and SpongeBob starts having the fear that he will fail again. He ends up crashing into a lot of stuff and he once again doesn't get his license. But he really wanted to. So he disguises himself as someone else and goes to take the driving test again. He actually ends up passing and after he does he reveals that he was really SpongeBob. Mrs. Puff has no other choice but to give him his license. However, she says that he can only drive around the parking lot and he agrees. He starts driving around crashing into cars. Then he gets the idea that he should be on Parking Lot Patrol. He dresses up as a police man and starts driving around slowly. He gives tickets to everyone who comes into the parking lot and they all complain to Mrs. Puff. Mrs. Puff then goes outside and explains to SpongeBob that a great driver requires great responsibility. He accepts. The next morning he comes back to the parking lot to drive. Then he remembers great responsibility. He starts checking each side of his vehicle and the parking lot and people think he is spying on something. They start looking around to and when Mrs. Puff comes outside, she sees everyone looking around. She doesen't care. Then SpongeBob hops inside his vehicle and starts driving with everyone around. He starts hurting people and Mrs. Puff has to stop him. she hops inside her vehicle and starts driving to get SpongeBob. SpongeBob goes out of control and drives right off the parking lot. Mrs. Puff then drives off to get him. She starts going around Bikini Bottom to get SpongeBob and starts crashing a lot. However SpongeBob is driving fine. The cops see her chasing SpongeBob and they start chasing her. Then she crashes into them and her car blows up. The cops are then mad. SpongeBob smoothly comes to a stop next to them and the cops take away Mrs. Puff's license and give SpongeBob the opportunity to drive anywhere he wants. But he just wants to stick with driving in the parking lot. So the scene changes and the episode ends with SpongeBob at Mrs. Puff's Boating School, which is now called SpongeBob's Boating School, and he is teaching Mrs. Puff how to drive and she screams.

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