SpongeBob Kart: The Game is a computer game designed by Liam O' L. Games and made for the spin-off, SpongeBob Kart. It launched on January 23, 2010.

The object is to race your way through a lot of incredible levels to the finish as fast as possible with the number of spare parts required in each level(and yes, it is based on Marble Blast Gold). The levels are split into 4 groups: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Huge. Beginner levels only show you the basics; it's really hard to cheat on them. Intermediate levels are made for you to use some tricks to get all the spare parts. It's hard because you never know where parts are hiding. Advanced levels - this is where the fun begins. This time there are less parts, and more tricks. It's real cool. And Huge... Huge levels seem hopeless at first, being big and all, but you just have to follow the track; you don't need much skills.



Here are all levels in Beginner. To unlock them all, just press S, P and K at the same time.

  1. Learning The Road
  2. Spare Parts
  3. Drifting
  4. Jumping
  5. Speed Boost
  6. Speedy Stairway(review of the last 5 levels)
  7. Upside-Down
  8. Look Down
  9. Surface Lab
  10. Oily
  11. Bridges
  12. Platforms
  13. Item Power
  14. Secret Pathways
  15. Stickers
  16. Spongey Bridges
  17. Tunnels
  18. Traps'N'Fun
  19. Push Start
  20. Coaster
  21. Little Dodgems
  22. Whoosh!
  23. Fast Course
  24. Telling Port
  25. Bounce
  26. Bounce Revised
  27. Hag Shag
  28. Spaghetti
  29. Golden Rush
  30. Grand Finale
  31. Gold Rush
  32. The Refree
  33. Remoted Sponge
  34. Bobsponge's Attack


30 levels were made. The Beta Version erases Levels 30-33, replacing them with Custom Levels 23-26.


30 levels, of course, were made for this part. Version 1.4u, however, modifys Level 72. The last levels actually show you races from the actual show.


15 levels were placed here.


There are loads and loads of custom levels, probably near 120, and I(William Leonard) am not going to place them all in this part, but I can tell you the groups of Custom levels:

Themed Levels(34 levels)

Levels made out of ordinary things, e.g. forks, sofas, computers, in one level it even showcases the entire planets!

Levels That Suck(26 levels)

Get it? These are levels where you take suckers to a whole new level(ironic, isn't it?)!

Sequel Levels(40 levels)

Levels based on levels from the game!

Platform Levels(20 levels, and counting...)

Levels with an awful lot of platforms in them...

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