Meets Donkey Kong

SpongeBob Meets Donkey Kong was a series of SpongeBob episodes where SpongeBob and Donkey Kong collide.

Episode 1

SpongeBob calls Nintendo and tells them to bring to him Donkey Kong so that he can destroy Squidward.

Episode 2

Donkey Kong destroys Squidward, but then a problem occurs when he makes his own country in the middle of Bikini Bottom.

Episode 3
File:SpongeBob meets Donkey Kong.jpg

SpongeBob and Patrick move into Donkey Kong's new country. Meanwhile, the Mr. Squidward's Ghost arranges an army with Ghostly Kong in order to destroy Donkey Kong.

Episode 4

Squidward passes away while trying to destroy Donkey Kong, and his army leaves him.

Episode 5

SpongeBob and Patrick go to a water park with Donkey Kong. Meanwhile, Nintendo comes to Bikini Bottom to get Donkey Kong back

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