1: Prelude to a Storm

2:There's No 'I' In Team

3:Beauty And The Beach

4:Looming Thunder

5:Thunder Strangers,Part 1

6:Thunder Strangers,Part 2

7:Thunder Strangers,Part 3

8:Nowhere To Grow

9:Return Of Thunder,Part 1

10:Return Of Thunder,Part 2

11:Return Of Thunder,Part 3

12:Return Of Thunder,Part 4

13:Boxing Bopp-a-Roo

14:Pork Chopped

15:The Samurai's Journey,Part 1

16:The Samurai's Journey,Part 2

17:The Samurai's Journey,Part 3

18:Scent Of A Ranger

19:I Love Plankton

20:Good Will Krabs

21:All About Beevil

22:Sensei Switcherooo

23:Tongue and Cheeks

24:Brothers In Arms

25:SpongeBob's Karma,Part 1

26:SpongeBob's Karma,Part 2

27:Shimazu Returns,Part 1

28:Shimazu Returns,Part 2

29:Snip It,Snip It Good

30:The Wild Wipeout

31:Double-Edged Squidward

32:Eye of the Storm

33:General Deception,Part 1

34:General Deception,Part 2

35:A Gem of a Day

36:Down And Dirty

37:Storm Before the Calm,Part 1

38:Storm Before the Calm,Part 2(Season Finale)

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