1. Rider War
  2. The World Of Larry
  3. Transcendce
  4. Second Movement-Prince Qlankton
  5. The Plankton King's Qualifications
  6. Battle Trial:Chum's World
  7. Super Trick of the Real Criminal
  8. Welcome to the Blade Krab
  9. Blade Blade
  10. Bikini Bottom High School's Phantom Thief
  11. 555 Riders,1 Treasure
  12. Reunion:Project X
  13. Awakening:Tornado Of Souls
  14. Cho Den-O Beginning
  15. Here Comes Cho Momotaros!
  16. Warning:Kabuto Running Amok!
  17. The Grandma Way of Taste
  18. Idle Hibiki
  19. Ending Journey
  20. The Nega-World's Dark Riders
  21. The Walking All-Rider Album
  22. Wanted:King
  23. End of King
  24. Arrival of the Samurai Fighting Force
  25. Heretic Rider, on Call!
  26. RX!Dai-Shocker Attack
  28. Amazon,Friend
  29. The Strong,Naked,Strong Guy
  30. Rider War:Prolounge
  31. Destroyer of Worlds

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