SpongeBob SquarePants 2: The All New Adventures! is a TV spinoff series. It has many crossovers, including meeting Danny Phantom, Invader ZIM, Mario, Sonic, Timmy Turner, Jimmy Neutron, Aang, Tak, Marth, and many other people.

List of Episodes

Key #. Name of episode-description:plot

1.Pilot: New Adventures in Bikini Bottom-TBA:TBA

2.The Plunger of DOOM!-ZIM tries to take over Bikini Bottom! SpongeBob must stop him!:TBA

3.Spongy Phantom- When Danny arrives in Bikini Bottom, unexpected things happen:TBA

4.Super SpongeBob Bros.-TBA:TBA

5.SpongeBob and the Power of Asorbency-TBA:TBA

6.SpongeBob the Hedgehog?-TBA:TBA

7.Aang and the Magic Pencil-TBA:TBA

8.SpongeBob: Sponge Genius-TBA:TBA

9.Spopngebob Schooldays-TBA:TBA

10.Fairly Oddpsponges-TBA:TBA

11.Welcome to the Krusty Krab: The Training Video Part 2-TBA:TBA

12.SpongeBob, Marth,and the Kingdom of Altea-TBA:TBA

13.Doodlebob and the Magic Pencil-TBA:TBA

14.Sandy's Invention-Sandy creates a portal that leads to the Final Fantasy universe and must defeat ninja, White Mage, Black Mage, Cactuar, Moogle, Cloud, Crono and Slime!:TBA

15. Super SpongeBob Bros. 2: Plankton's Revenge on Bowser-Plankton plots revenge on The Mario Bros., Bowser, SpongeBob, Patrick, the rest of the Mario gang, and the rest of the SpongeBob gang


The Complete First Season- The first 30 episodes in the series forming Season 1.


  • New charcters are not confirmed.
  • Every season will have a movie.

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