SpongeBob and Gary: The Calender's Curse is a theatatrically movie based on SpongeBob and Gary. The movie won many awards, including the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.


SpongeBob and Gary begin their next home business adventure: calendar makers. However, SpongeBob doesn't believe in bad luck any more just as Friday the Thirteenth approaches. SpongeBob is cursed and turns into a monster! Gary only has until Friday the Thirteenth to break the curse and save SpongeBob.


The movie will be released in theaters on October 31, 2015. It has been announced that the DVD will include all 7 Crazy Machines films.


Oscar: Best Animated Film: Won

KCA: Favorite Movie: Nominated

Annie: Best Voice Acting in an Animated Feature: Tom Kenny voice of SpongeBob: Nominated

Annie: Best Character Animation

Opening Sequence

The opening sequence shows the adventures of SpongeBob and Gary since they built the rocket.


  • It has been described as a "Halloween" movie.
  • There's a possibility that a sequel will be produced.

Full Tittle

The full tittle of the movie is "SpongeBob and Gary in The Calender's Curse."

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