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SpongeBob in Minecraft is a new TV show by TheSponge231 that anyone can help write!

SpongeBob in Minecraft


Release Date
February 23,2014
Taiwan International(Taiwan) BBC (UK, US) SquidTV(USA) SpongeTV (late 2012)
Picture Format
23.8 HDTV
No. of seasons




SpongeBob and Patrick get sucked into SpongeBob's computer, ending up in Minecraft.





Season 1

1. Who the h#ck are you? By: RamDarre SpongeBob and Patrick must learn to survive in Minecraft after being sucked into a computer. They learn some secrets including one of a so-called creeper army. What will happen? Can they survive? Find out in this episode.

2. What is this? By: RamDarre SpongeBob finds diamonds and throws them into lava. Steve and Patrick believe he is a traitor and now everyone is against him. To make matters worse, SpongeBob is being played by Squidward. Can he make everyone forgive him? Or will his fate be being hugged by a charged creeper?

3. The Dark Side By: RamDarre Steve gets brainwashed into thinking that bad is good. Can Patrick and SpongeBob survive or end up as bonemeal?

4. Skeleton Prison By: RamDarre SpongeBob is held captive by Skeletons and Squidward gets sucked into the computer. All Squidward has a wooden shovel. Can he save SpongeBob and himself?

5. Karate Choppers By: RamDarre

Sandy is warped into Minecraft and now they will have to do karate to save themselves. Squidward and Patrick are starving and then need food so they set out on a expedition but encounter a pack of charged creepers.

6. Computer Virus By: Nevadabell

A computer virus plagues the Minecraft game, causing the characters to disappear.

7. Multiplayer By: RamDarre

The server is set to LAN and people join who cheat. Can SpongeBob survive the cheaters?

8. Obsidian Problems - by JellyfishJam38 - (One Hour Special)

Patrick steals a diamond pickaxe from a villager, and ends up mining obsidian. The episode shows three different events that happen to the gang because of that one event, but all come together at the end. Squidward uses the obsidian to build a portal to the Nether, but gets lost, with zombie pigmen on his trail. SpongeBob gets jealous of Patrick and attempts to blow the obsidian up with TNT, but accidentally destroys his own house, and Patrick is chased by angry villagers who will go to infinite lengths to get their pickaxe back.

9. Good Grief! - by JellyfishJam38

SpongeBob and Patrick decide to set their server to LAN again, to give new residents a second chance. However, the next day, Patrick finds his house destroyed and filled with cobwebs. Who is the culprit who griefed Patrick's house? Will they ever find him?

10. In the Nether Forever! - by Chrisvader1234

After a mysterious man makes a new nether portal in the gangs mineshaft they are curious and decide to look inside. But suddenly the portal dissapears and there stuck in the Nether! Can they find a way out? Who is the mysterious figure? And where will the series go from here?

11. Everybody Hates Ghasts - by Chrisvader1234

The gang decides that wandering in the Nether worsens their chances of finding a portal home so Patrick suggests finding anyone to aid them. But SpongeBob mistakes a Blaze as a friend, so Patrick must save him before it's too late. While Squidward provokes a Ghast causing trouble for the gang.

Season 2

1.Server Lag - by TheSponge231

SpongeBob and Steve create a new server (Because their old one crashed) but after they finish it, it starts glitching and if they don't stop it in time, everything they have built will disappear!

2.Creeper Crazy - by TheSponge231

SpongeBob gets kidnapped by an army of Creepers and is forced to join them. After he realizes Creepers are evil and that if he joins them he will become a Creeper, he must escape.

Feature film

See Untitled SpongeBob in Minecraft movie

In late 2014, TheSponge231 announced that there will be a feature film to end the series and will be set to release somewhere around 2017.


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