SpongeBob in the end of the world(or SITEOTW for short) is a spin-off by Faves3000. This show is about SpongeBob's experience in 2012. Also, don't forget,"Many strange adventures lie ahead! Especially in 2012!". Anyone can add episodes. Just tell me who wrote them and the episode you wrote.

My other show,SpongeTwins


Season 1

Pilot! (SpongeBob in the end of the world!)-2012 is starting,and SpongeBob is in the middle of it!Can he "fish" himself out of this?

Jellyfish-No-More- JellyFish fields is gone!Can SpongeBob live without it?

The Krusty Death- Mr. Krabs has died!

Saved!- The rescue boat comes in! but the water to go on is going away!

Water Gone- The water is slowly evaporating!Can the Sponge Survive?

SpongeBob vs. the world!- The world is ending faster than SpongeBob thought! Can he survive?

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