• SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Patrick Star
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Squidward Tentacles
  • Sheldon Plankton
  • Eugene Krabs
  • Gary the Snail
  • Master Sibachi Kizaki


SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Squidward, and Gary boards Krabs' private Boeing 747 as members of the Krusty Vacation group to Old Kelp Beach, where they will have a vacation as the "Krusty Vacationers". Plankton secretly hides himself inside the cockpit and follows Krabs to a hotel inside Krabs' bag without anyone noticing him after the plane lands in Old Kelp City Airport. The members of Krusty Vacation arrives in the Royal Kelp Hotel and eats in the hotel restaurant. Plankton sees another bag where the secret formula of Krabby Patty is placed and throws himself to the secret formula. Plankton takes the secret formula and runs away from the others. He takes a taxi to the airport, with the Vacationers takes another taxi to the airport, crazily demanding the taxi driver to chase Plankton's taxi. Both taxis stops at the same time, with Plankton running to Krabs' private plane. The Vacationers attempts to get inside the plane, but are too late, since Plankton holds control of the plane. The Vacationers takes a B-50D SpongeBuck fighter plane and chases the 747 plane. Finally, the B-50D reaches the 747 and shoots missiles on the plane, causing the plane to fall to the ground. Plankton escapes with a parachute not long before the plane crashes on the ground. The B-50D lands on the ground and the Vacationers seeks for Plankton inside the heavily damaged plane, only to find it empty. Krabs finds his secret formula, and puts it inside his pocket.

At the same time, Plankton lands on a farm. The owner of the farm, forgotten Karate champion of New Kelp City, Master Sibachi Kizaki, sees Plankton and is about to take him out of his farm when Plankton recognizes him and says to him that he wants to be tought about Karate. After a brief argument, Kizaki agrees to teach him Karate. The Vacationers gives information of Plankton's escape to the Newham Police Station in New Kelp City. Officer Johnson and Officer Neville, officers of the station, begins tracking down Plankton. The Vacationers are ordered to wait inside the station.

2 days later, Officer Johnson and Officer Neville enters Kizaki's farm. At the same time, Plankton is mastering the art of Karate. Kizaki is shocked when the officers asks him for the whereabouts of Plankton, which they declares a criminal. Kizaki tells them the whereabouts of Plankton, and both officers enters Kizaki's bedroom, where they sees Plankton. Before the officers can capture him, Plankton uses Karate to defend himself. Officer Johnson is greatly exhausted, and falls unconscious. Officer Neville manages to defeat Plankton and brings him to the police station.