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January 16,2010

Are you ready to battle? SpongeBob does and so does the rest! You can add any fan-made characters if you want! From the creators of Super Smash Bros Brawl.


Season 1

It's just the beginning! Let the battle begin!

E. Let the Brawl begin! January 16,2010

It is time that SpongeBob and the gang is going up against all the characters. Who is will be the ultimate fighter? (Find out at Season 20).

p. A love battle January 16,2010

Squidward's first battle is with SQUIDLINA! Squidward didn't want to battle her so he uses his attacks as love attacks!

i. Cousin Brawl Battle January 16,2010

Sandy is going to face Nico! Nico is winning and Sandy can't hit her! Can she defeat her worst cousin?

s. You get no Sympathy from me January 17,2010

Plankton's first battle is with Karen! Karen didn't look like she cared about Plankton, so she has to defeat him. Can Plankton stop her from attacking her?

o. Best Friend Brawl January 18, 2010

It's time for Patrick to have a battle and who's it with? SpongeBob! Will the best friends fight or will they not have the strength to hurt each other?

d. It's up me! January 19,2010

Super Sponge is up against the worst rival ever! They call him Bob! Will he ever beat him?

e. Super Dreadeful January 19,2010

Super Squirrel is up against Dreaded Patrick. Dreaded Patrick is too powerful for her and Super Squirrel needs to recover. Can she make it?

s. Wizard and the Robot January 19,2010

Wizard Krabs is up against Robot Krabs. Robot Krabs is trying to steal the wand from Wizard Krabs. Can Wizard Krabs stop him from stealing?


Please put your username and a job.

MissAppear869: Creator, Executive Producer, Head Writer (Season 1)

Singingpoodles: Executive Producer, Writer (Season 1-Present)


  • There will be 20 episodes per Season.
  • No Crossover characters
  • No title cards. Thank you.
  • You may add any fan-made characters to join the brawl.
  • You make a fan-made character if you want.