SpongeCop is about SpongeBob and friends being police officers at Bikini Bottom Police Department


  1. There should be 15 episodes each season
  2. There should be 2 newbie episodes every season
  3. There should be a movie for every episode 15

== Season 1 ==

Pilot (SpongeCop) The Bikini Bottom Police Department hires SpongeBob and his friends to be police.
Operation: Bandit SpongeBob and friends chase down a bandit, can they stop him?
Operation: Newbie Camp BBPD asks SpongeBob to help the newbies, while Sandy and Patrick stop Plankton from stealing the Krabby Patty formula.
Police Training Video The newbies watch how to be a police.
Operation: The Clash Of The Newbies (Part 1) The newbies go on their first mission. While SpongeBob and friends are on a spy mission to spy Plankton.
Operation: The Clash Of The Newbies (Part 2)

The newbies won the mission. But SpongeBob and friends are being held captive by Plankton.

Operation:Clash Of The Newbies (Part 3) The newbies go to rescue SpongeBob and friends. Can they defeat Plankton?
Operation:Newbies 2 The old newbies, SpongBob and Squidward are going to train the new newbies.
Operation: Showdown All of the newbiesare trained to fight.
Operation: Showdown 2 SpongeBob and co. are going to learn to fight just like the newbies.
Operation: Perpare BBPD, SpongeBob, co. and the newbies are preparing the promotion ceremony. Nothing can go wrong right?
Operation: Promotion The Promotion Ceremony announcer has been kidnapped! Can SpongeBob and friends save him?

Season 2

Money Mad! Mr. Krabs steals money from the First Nautical Bank! Can SpongeBob and Patrick stop and hypnotize Krabs?
Defense! SpongeBob and friends are ordered to guard the base, can they save the HQ?
Capture the rebels! SpongeBob and his allies have been ordered to find Crime Stopper.
The plot has been planted! SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy need to learn how to defuse the bomb. While 2 newbies are getting Krabs the Money Mad Man, and Squidward is getting Mr. Krabs' brother whio also is money mad! Madness I tell you!!!!!!!!!
Steal and Stole Krabs steals money and gold from Jim the Original Frycook can SpongeBob and Officer Nancy stop him?
WERE OFFICIALLY AWESOME! SpongeBob and Sandy get promoted because they stopped Plankton and Krabs!
Newbies 3 NEW NEWBIES!
Promote! Newbies 4 and 2 want to be promoted by getting 3 bandits, can they succeed?
THE BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED! SpongeBob and Sandy are at their first defusion!
Newbies 4 There are new newbies but they are afraid of fighting! Can SpongeBob and Patrick shape them into men?!
Spy Buddies 2 SpongeBob and Patrick are spying again!
Go Go Go! All of BBPD will attend aerobics.
Let's go digital! Criminals have entered as computer viruses, can the team stop them before being zapped and before the criminals get into the computer?
Prison Escape! All prisoners have escaped!
SpongeCop meets Penguins of Madacascar

SpongeBob meets and fights Skipper, can Skipper know about what happened to him?!

Season 2

10 Season 2 episodes have been decided as SpongeCop and POM week

SpongeCop and POM Operation: Meltdown


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Czian (Writer, Editor, Creator)

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