SpongeRoad's WR Rampage is a Season 1 episode from the spin-off "SpongeBob Kart".


A camera comes zooming towards the computer, where a YouTube video is about to be played. When it plays, it goes to the real episode. SpongeRoad appears on the screen, and says that this episode is about the record times of the previous 15 races. He says that those are all his. The episode now goes to the races being played. The times are as shown:

  1. SpongeBob's House: Pro time: 1:45 Record Time: 1:04.28

"This was actually quite easy to beat. You just have to be aware of the objects around, and their weaknesses."

  1. Squidward's House: Pro time: 2:00 Record Time: 1:43.15

"Quite hard. It took me about 10 times to get it right, thanks to all that art."

  1. Patrick's House: Pro time: 3:15 Record Time: 2:58.54

"I understand why they expanded Patrick's house."

  1. The Krusty Krab: Pro time: 4:30 Record Time: 4:03.47

"The taste of success was, er, delicious."

  1. The Treedome: Pro time: 6:35 Record Time: 6:15.86

"Oh, my god, is this hard or WHAT?"

  1. New Racers: Pro time: 1:00 Record Time: 0:42.61

"Easy as pie. I think it's because they made it simple for the amateurs."

  1. The Abyss: Pro time: 10:00 Record Time: 9:32.04

"This one was a complete nightmare. It took me 5 times just to finish it."

  1. Goo Lagoon: Pro time: 5:40 Record Time: 5:01.92

"Quite relaxing."

  1. Mr. Krabs' Junkyard Racetrack: Pro time: 4:55 Record Time: 4:18.85

"This episode got good ratings for a very good reason."

  1. Patrick's Ice Track: Pro Time: 5:00 Record Time: 4:36.34


  1. Sandy's Stunt Slope: Pro Time: 7:45 Record Time: 7:32.56

"Two words: NEVER AGAIN."

  1. Plankton's Diabolical Drag Race: Pro Time: 11:40 Record Time: 11:23.75

"Don't talk to me about it."

  1. Pearl's Sixteen Storeys: Pro time: 6:55 Record Time: 6:42.32

"Ha, ha, nice pun. No, really."

  1. SpongeBob's Special SpongeTrack: Pro time: 15:00 Record Time: 13:59.84


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