SpongeTed SquarePants
August 1, 1989 (Aged 23)
Bikini Bottomite
Harold and Gretchen SquarePants (Parnets)

Tina, Eric, Gabi, Jake and SpongeBob SquarePants (Siblings) Girly TeenGirl SquarePants (Wife) SpongeTed Jr. and Alice SquarePants (Children)

Stanley Star

SpongeBob SquarePants (Sometimes)

Squidon Tentacles

Eric SquarePants (Sometimes) Eugenio Shinding

Clem Plankton
Jody (Worm) Guy (Jellyfish)
59 Hermit Avenue, Bermuda Bottom, Atlantic Ocean
CEO of SquarePants and Star Inc. (Formally Shuffleboarding coach and Barg'n Mart cashier

Spongeted SquarePants Sr. is SpongeBobs little brother who is always being cool (unlike his brother). Patricks brother, Stanley, is his best friend who is very intelligent. Squidward's brother, Squidon, is the leader of the left half of the school, as Spongeted is the leader of the right side. They are archenemys. SpongeTed was a cashier a Barg'n Mart. His boss is Mrs.Krabs. SpongeTed is a 21 years old . He attended Great Barrier Reef High (GBRH). He attended the same school as his little sister, Tina, who he has to protect. Growing up with his 3 big brothers was awful. Eric, the bully, and SpongeBob and Jake, the annoyance, were the worst parts of his life. As the third child, his parents treat him normally (treating SpongeBob, Jake and Tina like babys, and Eric being treated proudly).   He's the coach for a shuffleboarding team. He is currently married to Girly Teengirl with 2 children,SpongeTed Jr. and Alice. He was always a ladies man. He has a gangster look. When he was 16, he was supposed to br recruited in The Navy with Eric, but refused to raise a family. After 4 years of Barg'n Mart, it closed down. So he began to save his cash. At 12, he met Girly TeenGirl. By 14 they married. By 16 they had 2 twins. When they graduated at 17, SpongeTed found a job as a shuffleboarding coach, while Girly is a hair stylist. By 18 they moved from Bikini Bottom to Bermuda Bottom. He and Stanley eventually started their own business, SquarePants and Star Inc.