1:SpongeTriplets: SpongeBob's real twin brother, Jake comes to visit, and he gets all the attention instead of Bob! Bob is very angry and tries to get Jake out of town

2:SpongeTriplets 2:Jake's back,now with ANOTHER starfish named Tap.Will they be keeped,or is just too full?

3a:SpongeTriplets 3(15-Minute episode):The 4 Lock up Jake and Tap!...Theres nothing else to say...

3b:SpongeTriplets 4-SpongeQuints(15-Minute episode):Jake and Tap break out of there cells and return with 2 more Sponges and Starfishes. Sponges:Spongey and Bill Starfishes:Pat and Pete.

Special features:

Tour of Bikini/Ukelele Bottom

SpongeBob Dress-up

Sneak-Peak of SpongeTwins:The Movie


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