Disc 1:

The Visit


Hospital,Here We Come!


Dance Pants Revolution

Disc 2:

Back from Jail(15 Minutes)

GET RIM OF 'EM!(15 Minutes)

Special Features:

Commentary on all Spongetwins episodes

SpongeTwins matching card game

SpongeTwins-The Movie

SpongeTwins:Series Finale

What If SpongeBob and Bob were gone?

Sneak Peek-SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures:SpongeBob's Greatest Twins

iSpongeBob Webisodes 1-20

JellyFishJam38's Episode(Twins,twins,and more twins,SpongeTriplets)

Menu Themes(x12)

SpongeTwins Trivia

FULL SpongeBob SpongeBash!

Squares roots:Story of SpongeTwins

Square roots:Story of SpongeBob

Trivia/Goofs for all SpongeTwins episodes

Trivia/Goofs for all SpongeBob episodes

The Making of SpongeTwins

Story board of season finale

Story board of movie

Story board of TV movies

SpongeBob/Twins DVD Trailer

Trailer for ALIVE SpongeBob Spin-offs

SpongeBob/Twins toy orders

Bob and Patty bio

SpongeBob and Patrick bio

Bob the Musical(FULL(TV Version isn't the full version))

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