This DVD contains season 1 of "SpongeTwins".

Disc 1:

1:the visit: Bob and Patty visit Bikini Bottom

2:phun: All 4 go jellyfishing.Will it turn out good?

3:hospital,here we come: Squidward faints and everyone goes to the hospital.problem is,the only person who can drive has fainted!

4:ANGREH nick: Bob and Patty are mad because they are not a real show on nickelodeon

5:Dance Pants Revolution: SpongeBob and Bob just cant stop dancing!

6:SpongeTriplets: SpongeBob's real twin brother, Jake comes to visit, and he gets all the attention instead of Bob! Bob is very angry and tries to get Jake out of town.

7:memed: memes are all over town! including NO,THIS IS PATRICK! and moar!(get the hint?)

8:cloned!: SpongeBob and bob get cloned by Sandy s crazy they're everywhere causing mayhem!

9:pop "stars": Patrick and patty become pop stars.then they become a hit!can SpongeBob and Bob get there friends back before they go out of town?

10:SpongeTriplets 2:Jake's back,now with ANOTHER starfish named Tap.Will they be keeped,or is just too full?

Disc 2:

11:That movie:All 6(jake and tap are kept in the group)make a movie called"The cloning machine".But it sucked.Can they make another one,but good?

12:JAILED!!!:Jake and Tap go to jail for robbing a bank(they were low on cash...they didn't think it through).

13:the old days...:All 4 make a time capsule until they dug up an NES(Nintendo Entertainment System...its an old video game console)with game in it,and now have ENDLESS fun!

14:MoneyFest:All 4 have won the lottery!Now Mr. Krabs is trying to steal it all for himself!Will he steal it,or will he epic fail?

15:Stanley Trouble:Stanley comes over and sends Bob and Patty out cold!Will they revive?

16:The new house:All 4 Build Bob and Patty a new house!

17:Newfound Relatives:Bob and Patty explain they are reltives of SpongeBob and Patrick!

18:Recognition:Patrick and Patty remember when Patrick lied to Patty about the chocolate.Now Patty want's to get him back!

19:The Visit...To JAIL!:All 4 visit Jake and Tap in jail.

20:The Net Stealer(TV Movie,Season Finale):Someone stole the brand-new ultra mega net!Can the 4 get it back?

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