This DVD contains the 2nd season of "SpongeTwins".

Disc 1:

21:Laughback:All 4 remember the past 20 adventures.

22:More to Come:Everyone in Ukelele Bottom has heard about Bikini Bottom and is moving into the Bikini Bottom resident's homes!Can the main 4 get them out,or will the episodeend to FORCE them out?

23:Alone...:Bob and Patty try to go to LA but end up getting NOWHERE!Can they get back to Bikini Bottom

24-25 The Trip to LA(TV Movie):The gang goes to LA!But when they can't handle being famous anymore,ITS TOO LATE!Can they leave before "bad things" happen?

26:Radiated:The 4 get radiated then gain SUPER POWERS!

27:Seizure:Bob gets a seizure.Can they fix him in before the jellyfishing convention?

28:THE Final Destination(One hour special):This episode basicically rips off the movie Final Destination ecxept they survive

29:That music video:The gang make a music video to there song:Lets Go!But the whole thing gets ruined!can they fix it before everyone forgets about it?

30:this episode was rushed:all 4 rush their day.will it turn out decent?

Disc 2:

31:CopyCat:Bob starts copying SpongeBob and Patty starts copying Patrick.both SpongeBob and Patrick want them to STOP!can they?or can they not?

32:iSpongeTwins:The gang make a webshow!Bob and Patty are kicked out.See iSpongeBob for more adventures with the webshow

33:CopyCat 2:SpongeBob and Patrick start this idea of a twin mirror prank.Bob and Patty are into it so they try it!

34:The return of the spongey patty:Mr Krabs Brings back the Spongey Patty.Now everyone's starting to get infected!Can the 4 stop him?

35:The Quartet:All 4 start a band of 4.But no one has heard of them.Can they spread the word?

36:lolol:random things happen.

37:Halo Reach Spectacular!(TV Movie):the 4 want halo reach but Mr. Krabs hardly pays them,and refuses to pay them more!So they open a video game shop named "TGames".Will they get enough money to get halo reach?

38:TGames:Second day of business:Since TGames was a hit:they decide to keep it up,until they sell it to another person.

39:lolol 2:more randomthings happen.

40:In the past:SpongeBob and Patrick miss the times when Bob and Patty weren't around

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