This DVD contains season 3 of "SpongeTwins"

Disc 1:

41: Twins, Twins and More Twins: Everyone who has a twin brother/ sister that lives in the sea comes to Bikini Bottom, including more sponges and starfish! Can Bob, Patty, SpongeBob, Patrick, Jake and Tap get somewhere that isn't so crowded?

Written by JellyfishJam38

42:Swap:The twins swap lives!Can they return their bodies to normal?

43:Competition:Bob is in love with Sandy but SpongeBob tries to get her.Who will get the girl?

44:Flight-no:Patty tries to fly.Uh-oh.

45:SpongeTwin:Life In Jail:Bob bets thrown in Jail wihth SpongeBob.How will it turn out?

46:A Series of Patty Events:Self-Explanitory

47:Bob Babies:This shows Bob and Patty's life as babies

48:Bob Kart:The mighty race isn't the only kart competition!

49:Squiddy's Tales:These are tales Squiddy told.

50:SpngeTwined Together(50th Episode Special):Bob and Patty move with the Sponged Together gang.

Disc 2:

51:Bob's greatest adventures:Self-Explanitory

52:Sandra's Diary:Entrys from Sandra's diary

53:Lego Bob:The show gets turned into LEGOs!

54:iSpongeTwins 2:Bob and Patty are joined in iSpongeBob

55:Bob vs. Viruses:Bob gets trapped in a virus-infested computer!

56:The SpongeTwin's Life:Bob lives in sopnge sea!

57:The New Spongeventures of Bob SpongeyPants:Self-explanitory

58:The Patty Shar Show:Patty gets his own show!

59:Bob Acres:Its acre season again!now Bob is joining in on the action!

60:Bob at the greatest house in the world!(TV Movie,Musical):Self-Explanitory

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