Sponge 6 season
This DVD contains the laughback season(6th season)of "SpongeTwins"

Disc 1:

Laughback is SpongeBob episodes reenacted by ukelele bottom residents.No episodes have descriptions because there basically the same as real SpongeBob episodes

101:House Fancy

102:Crabby Road

103:Penny Foolish

104:Nautical Novice


106:Suction Cup Symphony

107:Not Normal


109:The Splinter

110:Slide Whilstle Stooges

Disc 2:

111:A Life In A Day

112:Sun Bleached

113:Giant Squiddy

114:No Nose Knows

115:Pattee caper

116:Planky's Relgular

117:Boating Buddies

118:Crabby Kronicle

119:Slunber Party

120:Grooming Joe(Season Finale)

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