Sponge 7 season
This DVD contains the final season (season 7) of "SpongeTwins"

Disc 1:

121:Not-so SpongeTwins-Bob grows a mustache and Patty gains a beard.But SpongeBob and Patrick try to shave it off.Can they?

123:The Pet Named Joe:Bob brings his pet snail,Joe,Then,Joe and Gary fight!can Bob and SpongeBob separate them?

124:Bob the musical(TV Movie):Self-explanatory

125:Super Stepmania Stingers:The 4 go to the StepMania championship contest as the Stepmania Stingers.Then they face there competition,The Super Duper Dancers.Will they win?

126:lolol 4:MOAR random things happen!Now even MORE randomness than before!

127:Pac-Bob:The gang gets sucked into a pa man machine!

128:lolol-Teh Lost Lol:The lost randomness lies here.

129:LOST:Same as the show lost but with SpongeTwins characters.

130:Those Laws of Physics:The episodes breaks the laws of physics.

Disc 2:

131a:SpongeTriplets 4-SpongeQuints:Jake ad Tap break out of there cells and return with 2 more Sponges and Starfishes. Sponges:Spongey and Bill Starfishes:Pat and Pete.

131b(132):GET RID OF 'EM!:The original 4 try to get rid of Spongey,Bill,Pat,and Pete.Can they get rid of them?

133:Triple-Digits:The gang gets tired of the episode numbers being in the hundreds.So they make season 7 as the final season!

134:The Quick-Snack Patty:The guys make a small patty that's a BIG hit!But Mr. Krabs doesn't think so.Will he change his mind?

135:Boo!Rah!:Bob hides in the library this whole because hes scared.Can the rest show him wrong?

136:Jingle Bells...and MORE?!:When Christmas is around,the Sponges get ready.But the Starfishes Redesign the WHOLE thing!Can the Sponges change it back?

137:Summer Lovin':Bob's in love with Sandy again,Now SpongeBob tries to get rid of him for good!Will he succeed?

138:New Years To Come:The 4 Celebrate the new years to come instead of new years itself.

139:See you in SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures!:Once this show is done,you'll be seeing the duo in SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures(Debut:SpongeBob's Greatest Twins)

Disc 3:

140:The Super-Duper Ultra-Cool Quick-To-Eat Omega-Awesome Halo-Filled Mega-Special Crossover-Filled Character-Returning Series FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!:

(Normal Movie)The 4 make a BIG series finale special!Including everything and everyone that's ever visited the SpongeTwins.Even including Ukulele Bottom residents.Including everyone that ever had something to do with FANON IN GENERAL!All for a BIIIIIIIIIIG Good-Bye!To you folks out there.

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